Dermaflage Starter Kit

6 Piece Kit in Carton (1 Applicator of Silicone, Mixing Stick, Precision Application Tool, 10 Mixing Tips, Texture Pad, Instructions Insert)

The Starter Kit includes all of the tools you need for hiding scars and frown lines for approximately 30-60 applications depending on the area you wish to conceal. Dermaflage is the end of your search for the best scar treatment. Hollywood’s leading makeup pros are experts on how to remove acne scars and we have simplified the technique for the average makeup user. Each Starter Kit comes with Dermaflage’s New Improved Formula and everything you need to fill and conceal scars like a professional. Color selection is easy - since Dermaflage is translucent, it will allow your natural skin tone to show through. One application lasts from 12-36 hours. Extend the wear time by adding an accessory like the Extended Wear Primer, sold separately.

Carl W. Soderstrom MD
“I have been using Dermaflage for a couple of years now and the results are fantastic. What I like the most is chicken pox scars, acne scars, and post trauma or surgical scars that are depressed can be filled with precision. Color matching is easy, and most of all, patients love it. I have seen no adverse reactions in my patients."
Instant Gratification for the patient
Instant patient satisfaction for you
Optimum scar remodeling

Instant Camouflage During Scar Remodeling.
Dermaflage conceals scars instantly while improving the skin’s appearance over time. A tinted silicone camouflages scars and improves the aesthetic outcome after surgery.
A concealment solution during the scar remodelling period or as a complement to other procedures.
Conceal scars from:
  • Skin cancer removal
  • Trauma scars
  • Shave biopsy
  • Chicken pox & shingles
  • Cyst puncture
  • Acne
  • Skin graft

Safety Tested
No adverse reactions in 70-person safety test.
Dermaflage Single Applicator Fair
Skin cancer & Psychosocial Distress

Patients have high anxiety about post surgical scars—
Dermaflage restores their peace of mind.
American Society for Dermatologic surgery
"Scarring after skin cancer surgery can profoundly affect psychosocial functioning. Medical professionals may underestimate the importance of physical appearance for patients with skin cancer.”
“Importance of physical appearance in patients with Skin Cancer.” ASDS 2015 Feb.
Carolyn Before After Picture
"After the surgery I looked in the mirror and my knees buckled—I was devastated. For months, I would suffer silently with feelings of insecurity. Dermaflage is a wonderful product. It has been a godsend for me.”
Carolyn Bardack, Cancer survivor and Dermaflage user
Dermaflage Conceals Scars Instantly
  • Instant topical silicone filler
  • Complements reconstructive proedures
  • Daily at-home application
  • Lasts up to 36 hours
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible & moves with the face
  • Allergy tested
  • Non-irritating

Before and After

Angela Before & After
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"I wanted to tell how wonderful dermaflage works!!! I had a spot on my face that was checked out for four years until they discovered it was skin cancer. I have a scar from under my eye to my chin, it is located on my cheek. Our daughter works for a dermatologist and I have laser treatments done every 3 months which is helping. But I was still looking to find something else to help cover the scar. I went to YouTube to find a way to cover up scars without using makeup (which makes it stand out more) and came across dermaflage. I have tried several different products/makeup but nothing works as great as dermaflage. Dermaflage has given me myself esteem back!! BTW, the dermatologist my daughter works for has also referred this product to her patients. I would like to thank Matt Singer and his crew for helping people out like me!!!"
—Theresa Horton