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Keloid Scars - Scarology® Ultimate Scar System

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Keloid Scars and the Scarology® Difference

A keloid is an abnormal wound healing response to trauma including cuts, scrapes, or surgery. It is different than a hypertrophic (or thickened) scar in that a keloid is usually the result of excessive tissue.

Although this tissue forms to protect the injured site,at times, this scar tissue can grow too much, forming smooth,hard growths called keloids. While benign, keloids can sometimes be accompanied by severe itchiness, pain, and changes in texture.

A single topical therapy will not reduce the appearance of a keloid scar, and keloids remain one of the hardest types of scars to treat successfully. Surgical removal can be costly and can actually lead to the formation of additional keloids.

Scarology’s scar care system is the only one in the market with 3 steps that work to address the different factors present in keloid scars.

The Scarology® Difference


Natural Fruit Acid Exfoliator

Gentle skin exfoliation can remove dead skin cells on the outermost skin surface.


Ultimate Scar Care Cream

Scarology’s® Ultimate Scar Care Cream works to substantially improve the appearance and texture of scars by hydrating and nourishing healthy skin present at the location of the scar.


Silicone Sheets

The compressive silicone sheet works to reduce scar itchiness and reduce further formation and darkening of keloid scar tissue by reducing friction that can occur from movement in sleep.

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Scarology® vs Leading Skin Care Brand

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